Quantum watches are designed to appeal the people who enjoy exploring the limits of their capabilities, from divers and pilots to adventurers everywhere. Bringing together high-quality materials, advanced production techniques and innovative designs at competitive prices, these watches are seen as a symbol of style and luxury.
The Quantum brand was founded in 1995 and right after launched its first collection which was a Japan made professional diver watch called Barracuda.
In 1997 Quantum started to be sold to international market quite fast and today continues to grow all around the world. When Quantum became the sponsor of Yasemin Dalkılıç, a young Turkish female free diver with many World Records under 40 m, 105 m, 120 m in various free diving categories for the following five years that has been broadcast live on national and international networks more than any other freediver ever. Thus, Quantum brandname has a great coverage worldwide.
Otherwise Quantum continued to sign many special projects with Turkish Air Forces and Turkish Naval Forces.
Today the brand continuing to on its way with Arıkan Group which has 30 years of experience in watch industry and this year it will be presented its novelties in Baselworld.